AFFORDABILITY: Websites to suit your Budget

Virtual Showrooms can develop a website to suit the customers budget without compromising the core functionality requirements.

Although we use our proprietary content management system to develop websites it is not simply a matter of installing the CMS and adjusting a few settings to create a website. The CMS is feature rich and can be used to create highly functional and feature rich websites but it not a cookie cutter plug and play type of solution. Building websites using the CMS still requires a lot of development work to customise and assemble the CMS core and modules to create a purpose built solution that is optimised to provide the best possible solution to a clients website requirements.

The Content Management System separates the actual content from the display thereof thus the pages of the website that the site visitor views when visiting the website are assembled on the fly on the server as they are requested by the visitors web browser. Simply put the content is pulled from the database and inserted into a system of templates that control how and where on the page the content is displayed. This enables content to be added to the website via an administration back end system without the need for any specialised website development skills or knowledge. The result being a scalable website that can grow with the business as new products and services are added therefore it is not a case of charging for websites based on the number of pages making up the website but rather on the initial setup of the CMS and customizing of the modules and templates to provide the required functionality. 

As a module based CMS it is possible to create a fully functional website that satisfies the current and most important requirements of the customer with the option of implementation of additional modules at a later stage. This is one way in which the website design and development costs can be kept within a clients budget. 

Virtual Showrooms can determine the estimated costs and quote on website development projects based on consultation with the prospective client to determine the requirements of the website.

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