CREATIVITY: Form follows function

Virtual Showrooms will use your existing corporate indentity to create an eyecatching website design that compliments and enhances your existing marketing material to ensure consistancy of your brand promotion.

With many years of experience in creating websites Virtual Showrooms has a firm grasp of what is required to create a successful website. We understand the importance of having a well designed attractive website that entices the visitor to delve further into the site than simply hitting the back button of their browser to leave the site once they have viewed the home page.

But we also understand the importance of designing a website with the target market in mind and ensuring that a website has the broadest possible appeal to the target audience. We favour simple easy to follow design layouts and navigational menus over flashy bells and whistles gimmicky designs that are hard to follow or use.

Unlike large design agencies we do not spend weeks or months brainstorming and tweaking a design, before laying down a single line of actual source code, in an attempt to try and create a truly mind blowing awe inspiring design. We understand the core fundamentals of successful website development, namely that on the internet content is king, that customers will do business with you because your website lets them know that you can provide the products or services that they require. Not because your website is the best looking most amazing website they have ever seen.

We strive to produce a website that is attractive and in keeping with your existing corporate identity and that retains a consistent look and feel throughout the website.   

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