Structured Query Language is used to query databases that support SQL. MySQL is one of the fastest growing SQL database variants in use today both in terms of users and functionality.

Data stored in a database is of little use unless there is a means to extract data or add data to the database as and when required. Databases that support structured query language such as MySQL make it possible for the database to be sent queries related to which data is required and for the database to return relevant data to the application requesting it based upon the criteria in the SQL statement.

By separating the web site content from the actual page means that the data in the database tables can be updated easily and requires none of the specialized programming skills of the person that actually creates the web site.

The ability to manipulate the data stored in the database is what makes it such a powerful tool in the development of web sites. Data can be cross referenced against other data and pages built to display the most relevant content for the visitor.

MySQL provides a complete database solution well suited for use in the online environment and is used by some of the Internet's largest and most popular web sites.

As an open source development language MySQL is continually being developed to include new and advanced functionality.

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