There are many powerful internet technologies available that enable web sites to be created that are capable of almost limitless functionality and interactivity.

Seldom are these technologies used exclusively, most often web sites with advanced functionality and interactively are created using a combination of several different technologies or languages each with their own strengths or abilities.

As with all technology that we utilize in the development of web sites we do not create sites by patching together snippets of code written by 3rd parties and made available for general use by webmasters.

All the code that we create and use is created in house and we know the purpose of each variable, function and method within the code which makes for total control over the development and integration of the components making up the web site. In addition almost all code is hand coded as opposed to being automatically generated by web design software. Custom hand coding results in far more compact code that downloads faster.


  • HTML
    Hyper Text Markup Language is the base language used to create web pages. It controls how the web site content is displayed in the browser....more
  • PHP
    PHP is a server side scripting language that enables dynamic content to be generated on the server before it is served to the client browser....more
    Javascript is a client side scripting language that enables advanced functionality and interactivity within the users browser once the page has been downloaded....more
    Structured Query Language is used to query databases that support SQL. MySQL is one of the fastest growing SQL database variants in use today both in terms of users and functionality....more
    Used correctly flash animation presents a dynamic way to catch the eye of the Internet surfer and a powerful means to present your products or services....more
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