Health Food Website

Health Food resources website that includes health food information and resources including health food diets and recipes categorised by diet and recipe type. Provides links to health food resources and books that available in South Africa.

The brief was to create a basic site that would be the first phase in the development of a vast and comprehensive health food related portal website dealing with all forms of health food related content and resources with specific emphasis on the South African health food industry and consumer. The site would need to be easy to maintain and be scalable to accomodate ongoing content updates and additions as the project develops going forward. 



The website was build using our proprietry CMS to enable it to be easy to manage and update with health food related content. To simplify the addition of helath food related image content found online the system uses curl based systems to enable images and photos to be easily captured from other websites before being processed on the server and saved locally instead of simply hotlinking the images. An agile development methodolgy was adpopted for the project with the first phase of the website launching with the intention of additional modules for various different health food resources and health food content to be added going forward. 



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