Wolf Building Bags Website

Website designed to promote and provide information about a new novel low cost building system that uses specially designed sand bags for building solid dwellings for the poorest of the poor at minimal cost.

The Wolfbag Building Systems is a patented building system invented and developed by South African inventor Steven Wolfowitz, a successful South African businessman, entrepreneur and inventor who has devoted much of the past 20 years to the invention, design and development of numerous patented inventions and registered designs across a diverse range of interests and applications. Over the past few decades Steven has designed and patented many novel innovative  building systems. Despite this most of the systems have still proved too costly and  technically advanced to benefit the poorest of the poor who lack access to the required technology and building materials and who also lack the skills required to self build using these systems.

The website is required to help with the promotion of the Wolfbag Building system concept.



The website is largely graphical in nature with the main function being to demonstrate the system and how it can be used to construct walls and dwellings. The 3D graphics for the website were generated during the initial development stages of the system and the websites primary function is to make these graphics available online in a manner that would clearly illustrate the concept of the building system and how it can be used to construct low cost dwellings. 



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