Braveheart Products Website

A website displaying handmade sporrans manufactured in South Africa by Mike Jackson, a British Ex-pat of Scottish ancestry. A variety of handcrafted sporrans including daywear sporrans, semi formal and formal dress sporrans are produced, each sporran is unique and made from exotic as well as locally sourced hides and furs.

Sporrans are an important part of any Scotsmans attire. The sporran is the leather or fur bag that hangs at the waist. The client needed a way of promoting his sporrans apart from the gatherings and fairs where the sporrans are normally sold. A website would provide the ideal means for promoting and marketing what is a very specialised item that is aimed at a very specific customer base.  



The site was designed to display the sporrans according to category and type and to provide an easy navigational structure that would enable the site visitor to easily browse the ranges of available sporrans. Adding of new sporrans and removal of those that have been sold is made very simple by means of the content management system. 



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