All Plug Sales Website

Website design & development for All Plug Sales CC a Pinetown based supplier of nuts, bolts and alternative fasteners of all types including wall plugs and nail in anchors.

The range of products supplied by All Plug Sales CC is diverse and apart from its wide range of fasteners it also supplies other industry consumables, power tools and abrasives. The company can also source any other items required by specialised businesses and industry. The products supplied required a website that can cope with the diverse range of items and would need to be easily scalable to accommodate new product lines as and when they are added. The nuts bolts and fasteners are available in many different finishes and sizes and the website needed to enable the user to select a product and then select variants of the product based on material and size. Although the site does not need to be e-commerse enabled to handle online payments the user would need to be able to select the products and items they require and this would then be emailed to the sales team to prepare a quotation for the customer based on quantities and shipping location.  



The content management system used for the project required the development of a new module for handling product variants of a particular product. This enabled each size of nut, blt and fastener to be added to the site without having to create a separate product for each and every item. The adding of new products and product variants is easily achieved by means of the backend admin section of the site. The quotation system is based on a typical shopping cart whereby users are able to easily add the products and product variants to their shopping cart which is then sent through to the sales team for quoting purposes.



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