The Highway Mail Website

Website for Caxton community Newspapers (Durban and Environs) to showcase information about their stable of community newspapers that includes The Highway Mail, Northglen News, Berea Mail, Queensburgh News, South Coast Sun, Southlands Sun and the Hilltop. Which are distributed throughout the Highway area, Durban, North and South Coasts.

The brief for the project was to create a website to represent Caxton Community Newspapers (Durban & Environs) region and provide a means of providing the website visistor with background information on each of the publications that are distributed throughout the region. A brief overview, Distribution figures, publishing dates, deadines, advertising rates and demographic data would need to be included for each publication. The site would need to be easily updatable to accommodate changes and updates to this information.

The brief was also clear that the site was not include any editorial content from any of the publications as this would be published via the groups website which would be run by head office as it includes editorial from all the groups publications on a National level.    



The website was built using our proprietry content management system to enable easy updating and management of the site. A new publications module was created specifically for handling the information and content related to the newspaper publications.

Each publication would then be displayed on its own page. It included features for the capturing and display of distribution, demographic information and advertising rates for each publication so that this information could be displayed on both the publications own page but also elsewhere on the website without having to duplicate the content capture or storage.


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