Express Shades Designer Sunglass Store

Express shades is a retailer of upmarket designer sunglass brands. 3D retail interior design visuals were created to present the layout and overall look of a proposed new store.

The 3D interior visuals were required for presentation to the letting agents of a mall where Express Shades was planning to open a new store for the retailing of designer sunglasses and leading sunglass brands such as Gucci sunglasses, Polo sunglasses, Ray-Ban sunglasses as well as other brands of upmarket designer sunglasses such as Oakley, Hugo Boss, Vogue, Prada and Emporio Armani sunglass ranges.  



Express Shades uses a basic white and red colour scheme for the design of its kiosks and stores with the designer eyewear and sunglasses displayed in simple clean lined display units. Obviously when producing 3D visuals for retail interiors it is neccessary to include the display of relevant merchandise in the visuals. Time and budget restraints for this project meant that it was not feasible to devote the time and effort required to source and etch out hundreds of images of actual sunglasses to display as merchandise . Instead it was decided to use a single generic image of sunglasses to represent where and how the actual upmarket designer sunglasses would be displayed. 



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