Gunslinger Longboards Web Site

Web site for the recently launched Gunslinger brand of longboards. Gunslinger Longboards are available in a range of designs and sizes. The longboards are manufactured in Maple and Bamboo.

The web site was required to introduce and represent the Gunslinger brand of longboards and to display the longboards and components comprising the Gunslinger Longboards range. 


The site uses our proprietry content management system which enables easy updating of the web site content. Although the Gunslinger Longboard Brand is new and at the time of developing the web site there was a limited amount of content available the web site needs to be easy to update with new products and information as new models of longboards and components such as wheels, trucks and bearings are added to the Gunslinger range.

The products module of the CMS makes it easy to add new products and create new categories and types of product on the fly this makes it easy for the site visitor to browse the diffrent longboard models and components by category and product type. Each product is allocated its own specific page on the site on which the product and its specifications can be displayed.

The image scroller component of the CMS has been implimented on the web site to display brand and longboarding lifestyle images as well as providing a scrolling display of the different models of longboards  depending on what area of the site the visitor is currently viewing.


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