Wealth Budgetor Finance Calculator

3D modeling and rendering for product visualisation of a specialised financial planning calculator.

The client required realistic 3D images of a financial calculator that they were in the process of developing. The 3D images were to be used a s a means of presenting the concept to potential investors.


The client had an in depth understanding of the type and complexity of the calculations that the Wealth Budgetor would be required to perform but only had very rough sketches of how they envisaged the product would look. 

Using the rough sketches as a reference for the overall layout of the buttons and display panel the 3D renderings were created by modeling the product in 3D and applying realistic finishes to achieve the finished images that could be used to present the concept.  

As the proposed product was going to be presented to a number of major South African banks a couple of the images were rendered in alternative colours that corrisponded to the corporate colours of the banks to make the product visuals more appealing to the repective banks.

Once the 3D modeling had been completed and the finishes applied it was possible to select a range of views of the product that would enable the client to use the realistic images to explain the various functions of the buttons and how the product would be used to do the financial planning calculations. 



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