Integrated Mobility Solutions

Website for Integrated Mobility Solutions, a company that provides professional services in the supply, implementation and support of a range of agile business solutions within mobile business requirements, wireless infrastructure and IT asset auditing & service desk environments.

The primary focus of Integrated Mobility Solutions is to provide a high level of service and support within the industry. Rather than simply provide a website that displayed relevant products the brief called for a website that promoted the solutions driven ethos of the company.



The client had quite specific ideas of the look and feel that they wanted for the site.

To promote the services offered by Integrated Mobility Solutions each of the services is displayed on its own page which is search engine optimised to achieve maximum visibility. A CSS and Javascript image swap system was developed and implimented on the site to enable a graphic overview of each of the services to be displayed. The image swap system automatically cycles through the various services thereby providing an overview of the services on the home page.

Originally the hardware products were not going to be featured on the site but it was decided to utilise the products module in order to display the varoious categories of products with each product being displayed on its own search engine optimised page.


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