Umhlanga Holiday Accommodation

A simple webpage designed to promote holiday accommodation in Umhlanga on the north coast of Kwazulu-Natal. The site was developed for a letting agent to increase search engine visibility in the search results for searches related to Umhlanga holiday accommodation and apartments.

The letting agent works for Lighthouse Properties, a very well established estate agency with an equally established holiday letting agency division. The company already has a website promoting the holiday apartments it represents but the site is not featuring well in the search results for relevant searches. The brief was to create a simple basic webpage that specifically targets search phrases related to holiday accommodation in Umhlanga.



The company already has an established website that includes detailed information about all the self catering holiday apartments on offer but the client decided against including links through to the website as the existing site does not have any means to track the lead as belonging to the client. This would mean that the client would potentially be losing commission, instead it was decided to simply include contact details for the visitors to contact the agent who would then be able to advise them on suitable options.
As the actual text content for the page was limited a lot of photos were displayed on the page to fill it out.   


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