Treadmill Belting Website

Website for company that sells replacement treadmill belts online. The owner of the company has many years of experience in the belting industry and determined that there is a need for a website that would enable people to order replacement belts for their treadmills online and have them shipped to them.

There are many websites related to treadmills that include treadmill sales, repairs, reviews, etc but not many that enable people to order replacement treadmill belting online. The number of makes, models, brands and types of treadmills is vast. To make it easy for visitors to order their new treadmill belts the ideal situation would be for the site to include a library of available treadmills and the sizes of belt required for each. But there would be many instances where this data was not readily available for inclusion in the library. This meant that the site would also need a system for determining the cost of belting based on the user supplied dimensions.



The library system was intgrated into the site but due to a lack of accurate treadmill belt length and width data for many of the brands this feature has been disabled on the site until accurate data can be collected. A javascript based automatic online quoting system that calculated the cost of the replacement treadmill belts based on the dimenions and type of belt was also integrated into the site and shopping cart. These features have also been temporarily disabled in favour of offline quoting for now. The system is still usefull in ensuring that enquiries contain all the required information.

The site is based on a content management system that enables treadmill makes to easily be added to teh site and other areas of teh site to be easily updated.

The site incorporates quite a bit of flash animation for the decorative graphics and page headers etc.


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