The Enerotor Website

The Enerotor is a green energy from ocean wave power system conceived and invented by South African Inventor Steven Wolfowitz. The pateneted Enerotor system converts the massive power of ocean waves into rotational energy that drives generators.

Steven Wolfowitz has over the years invented and patented many novel ideas and the original scope of work for this project was to produce 3D models and animations to present and develope the concept. This was then followed by the development of the website, the main of which is to present and promote the Enerotor concept.



As the development of the Enerotor system for generating clean green electricity from ocean waves is ongoing the site has been developed using a content management system that will make updating and adding of new content easy to accomplish.

New content including images and animations can easily be uploaded to the site via a secure site administration backend. Press releases and news can also easily be added as articles to keep site visitors updated on the progress of the development of the Enerotor.


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