Holeshot Racing Website

Website for Holeshot Racing who specilise in the customisation of custom dirt bikes and offroad racing motorcycles as well as supplying motorbike accessories and custom decal kits. Holeshot Racing also sells used and preowned offroad dirt bikes.

With custom rebuilding of motorbikes an important part of what Holeshot-Racing does it was importnat that the site have a means of displaying current and completed motorcycle customisation projects that the team have and are undertaking. A classified section for advertising pre-owned bikes and stuff for sale was also important as was a products section for displaying the ranges of accessories and decals that they sell.



The fact that the guys at Holeshot-Racing wanted to keep the site current with updates of the rebuilds and customisation projects in progress and would need to regularly update the pre-owned bikes for sale meant that using our content management system was the ideal solution for a project such as this where the content of the site would regularly need to be updated.

The projects module makes it easy for current and completed custom bike rebuilds to be added and updated on the site. The projects module enables the rebuild projects to be split into sections such as before, during and after to show the rebuild project a various stages.


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