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Racetech Yamaha is one of South Africa's most respected and well known Jet Centres, specialising in the sale and servicing of Jet Ski's. Located in Pinetown, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa the Jet Centre serves the KZN Jet Ski community as well as Jet Ski enthusiats and Jet Ski fishermen throughout South Africa and the world.

Racetech Yamaha sells the full range of new Yamaha Jetskis and Jet boats and provides servicing of Yamaha Jet Skis but also services and customises other makes of Jetski. The site needed to provide detailed info and specifications for all the new Yamaha Jetskis. Each year the new range of rthe year would also need to be able to be added to the site but the range of Jetskis from the previous few years would also need to be displayed on the site.

The site also need to include information about the Jet Ski customisations that Racetech Yamaha is able to provide, Jet Ski fishing is also very popular throughout KZN and the site also needs to include extensive information about Jet ski fishing.

Sales of preowned Jetskis also form an important part of the business and a system for displaying used Jet Skis for sale would also need to be implimented.



The site was developed using our propriety CMS and enables detailed product related information and specifications for the Jet Skis and Jet Boats to be add to the site. Each product has its own page on the site and each of the pages is split into sections to display overview, specifications, features and a gallery of pitcures of the particular product. This makes it easy for the user to easily find the information about each product without overlaoding the page with content. The user can also easily view the previous few years versions of the particular Jet Ski or Jet Boat that they are interested in and can even display a comparartive matrix of the specifictaions of different models of Jetskis or the smae model but for a different year.

The site also includes extensive pictures which are displayed via the image galley system. Images can also be linkd to any page of the site to create mini galleries of relevant images on specific pages of the site.

The site includes many features to enhance the viewing experience and provide a user friendly site.


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