Lurita's Skin & Body Clinic Web Site

Basic one page web site for Lurita's Skin & Body Clinic in Waterfall, South Africa, featuring background info, google map and detailing the skin and beauty treatments on offer.

The up-market salon is situated on a residential property, adding the benefit of ample safe parking and privacy to a very relaxed atmosphere. It offers a wide range of beauty treatments including PTF Pulsed Light (“Laser”) Facials, PTF Permanent Hair Reduction, Waxing, Teeth Whitening, Cellulite and Lymph Drainage, Massage, Vibro Plate Passive Exercise, Ionic Foot Detox. They also provide Arbré Treatments such as Deep Cleanse Purifying Facial, Collagen Instant Face Lift, AHA Skin Peel Facial. With over 30 years of professional experience and research combining natural ingredients with technology these deliver real and noticeable results. Although Lurita's also sell many beauty and skincare products this is not their core business and they are not geared up for supplying these products via post so no ecommerce functionality was required on the site.


The site was kept very simple requiring only a single page to display info about the clinic and display the range of treatments on offer. AS these treatments and their pricing does not change frequently there was no need to build the site using a content management system. Details about the skin and beauty treatments on offer are simply displayed in columns down the page using a bsaic table based layout.


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