Matrix Distribution Web Site

Matrix distribution are Durban based distributors of the TSC brand of label printers in South Africa. They required a web site to feature the range of TSC printers.

The brief for the Matrix Distribution web site was to develop a site that could display the range of TSC printers avaialable in South Africa. The site would also need to be easily scalable to effortlessly handle the adding of new models and ranges of TSC printers as and when they were introduced into the Southern African region.



The site was developed on our Propietry CMS which has a feature rich product management and display module that can easily be customised to best handle product information specific to a particular product type. As only a limited number of product shots were available these were used in a scrolling image panel accross the width of the site. The scrolling image panel is a propriety component that is built into the CMS and integrates seamlessly with the CMS and can display images from most sections and modules comprising the site. The images it displays can also be managed via the dedicated scoller image backend admin page.


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