Fly the Flag Airport Retail Store

3D concept visuals for proposed South African Flag & flag merchandise store for airport retail tender.

Sneakers International are not only owners of the Sneakers stores but also own the Fly The Flag stores and kiosks found in many of South Africa's major airports. A few years ago a 3D visualisation project was undertaken to produce 3D rendered perspectives to illustrate an airport retail cart for Fly the Flag merchandise. Sneakers now wished to expand the brand by introducing Fly the Flag concept stores that would carry an extensive range of South African Flag merchandise. For tendering purposes 3D illustrations were required to show what a Fly the Flag Airport retail store would look like, complete with the store dressed with appropriate flag merchandise.



The design of the store is pretty basic, consisting of slat wall, shelving and a couple of stepped display units. The dressing of the store was however quite time consuming as many of the merchandise items had to be made up as the client was unable at the time to provide suitable images of flag merchandise.

Incidently this project nearly missed the deadline to be included in the tender specification. During the early hours of the morning of the deadline date a strange popping sound eminated from my PC and my PC rebooted itself shortly thereafter. Subsequent attempts at restarting the PC resulted in it repeatedly shutting down unceremoniously during each reboot attempt. Occasionally it would manage to reboot okay and I would be able to load up the scene and render a frame before the PC would shut down again. It ended up taking hours just to render out four frames. Turns out a couple of capacitors on the motherboard had blown, literaly bursting their tops out.



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