Barcode Mobile Bar Industry Web Site

Image intensive, easily updateable database driven web site for Mobile Bar Event industry company.

Barcode Mobile is a mobile bar event company specialising in Private, Corporate and Large Scale events. The company uses its own patented fold away portable bars to create both small and large bar setups for events. The company did have an existing static web site but needed a web site that they would be able to easily update with recent events in order to properly showcase their services.


The site structure is divided into separate sections for Private, Corporate and Large Scale Events to enable content relevant to each section to be displayed under each section. Additional sections are included for management and staff profiles and for information about the actual portable bar itself. An additional section for general content is included for information related to the bar industry, mixology, flair bartending, cocktail menus & library, links, articles, etc. This section is setup but has been temporarily disabled until content is ready.

The site has extensive cross referencing between sections and modules that allows just about section of the site to be related to any other section of the site. This enables related events to be linked to and displayed along with the general information about the particular event type.

The bar setups are usually very visually spectacular and it was decided to make the site very image intensive in order to showcase the company portfolio of events and infrastructure setups. Automated image uploading and resizing ensure that images are optimally compressed for quick download and display. The home page comprises a splashpage with a Flash panel that loads exturnal images for display. By loading exturnal images the home page will always display current images that are automatically uploaded by the site owners without requiring any update to the flash file itself. The page top header banner also uses the same principle to display images.

The powerful backend section enables almost total control over amost all aspects of the site.


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