Grand Prix Unlimited Motorsport Store

Retail interior design and visualisation for Grand Prix Unlimited a store selling motorsport merchandise and apparel.

The client has a lot of experience in the sale of Grandprix and motorsport related merchandise and apparel through a number of Airport retail kiosks situated at major South African airports.

The store at the World Wear retail park will be the clients flagship store and required a store design that would capture the excitement of motorsport and provide a must see destination for the local motorsport fan.



Early on in the design process it was decided to theme the store around the concept of a pit workshop that would give a sence of being in a typical pit environment.

The concept of creating a workshop feel for the store would also mean that the cost of shopfitting the store could be reduced by the use of finishes such as industrial floor paint such as that used in actual workshops or garages instead of more expensive finishes.



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