Tim Wells Voice Artist Website

Static web site for well known Durban based actor and voice artist to promote his voice over talents.

Tim has done a lot of voice over work for me in the past and I had been on at him for sometime about him getting his own web site setup. When I found out that he had aquired the wells.co.za domain name I offered to setup a site for him.


Tim Wells is a professional voice artist that has performed voice overs for many of the multimedia, video, flash and director presentations that I have produced over the years. He is able to provide an amazing range of voices ideal for everything from corporate videos to animated cartoons.
The site was put together pretty quickly and for now it is pretty much a static site without any database or content management system. The aim is to add a database and content management system that will enable Tim to add new demos and voice overs on an on going basis.
The site currently features some demos of Tims voice overs and a song he is working on, these are streamed audio and video files that you can play on the site.


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