Waxing Moon

Database driven web site for manufacturer and wholesaler of decorative African craft items.

Waxing Moon produces a sizable range of African craft items that they supply to craft stores and retailers throughout Southern Africa and internationaly. The site needed to display their entire range of products which fall into a number of categories. As well as showcasing the product range the site also needed to attract new customers.


Waxing Moon are manufacturers and distributors of decorative African craft items such as decorated Monkey Apples, Wooden Candle holders, decor balls plus many other items. The various craft items are categorised under product and type to enable quick browsing of the ranges. The site also utilises an integrated menu system that automatically updates when new product data is added via the web based administration interface. Features to display information about the company, staff, factory plus retailers of their products. Product variations are also catered for enabling individual codes and prices for items of the same type in different sizes.


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