Plastic Building Brick

3D virtualprototype images of a patented plastic building brick designed to act as a substrate for concrete that is poured into the wall that is created by stacking of the interlocking blocks.

Steven Wolfowitz is one of those people that is constantly inventing and developing new ideas. He holds many patents for lots of different inventions, quite a few of them to do with low cost building systems. These images are of a 3D virtual prototype that were produced to illustrate his invention of a low cost plastic building block that is used to quickly and cost effectively build walls which are then filled with concrete and plastered.

This 3D virtual prototype illustrates how effective a rendered 3D model can be in accurately and realistically illustrating an invention such as this. The ability to zoom in close for close up shots of the model to show detail can be seen in these images.

Should you wish to know more about this invention or any of Steven Wolfowitz's other patented building methods then contact me via the contact form and I will forward your enquiry on to him.

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