Playgrounds For Africa

Playgrounds for Africa project web site designed to facilitate the donation of playground equipment to needy schools and orphanages in South Africa.

This is a personal project that although live on the internet still requires the implimentation of a database to handle the storage and display of information about both the places in need and the donors that have donated equipment.


Still in development this site is part of our way of giving back to the community and those less fortunate. It is going to be the culmination of an idea that was conceived some time back to make it easy for donors to donate playground equipment to needy schools, organizations and communities. It will feature a database driven custom written content management system for managing donor and recipient information. The power of the Internet is going to harnessed to help bring some joy to the children of Africa. The site is included here because we want you to keep it in mind and keep a look out for it online soon.


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