Static web site for the marketing of secure fold away vehicle storage box product. Site designed to effectively display the product features and uses to the visitor.

Jeff Lagar, the inventor of the product required a simple static web site to market his invention online. Database features will be added at a later stage once distribution networks are confirmed.


Designed to quickly hit the surfer with what the Foldsafe is and how it works, this site uses photos and text to illustrate the Foldsafe in action right on the index page rather than going for a fancy splash page. The site has been live for some time but the company is still concluding some distribution infrastructure matters. We are currently preparing an Internet marketing strategy in anticipation of their readiness. In terms of marketing and traffic building we have some exciting plans and ideas for this site. The many uses for the Foldsafe means that there are many targeted marketing opportunities whereby each of the user groupings can be individually targeted by web pages aimed at that particular user group.


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