Ocean Africa

3D computer generated visualizations of a proposed surf shop selling surfwear and surfer apparel and surfing lifestyle clothing as well as some outdoor and adventure wear.

The development of the Ocean Africa store came as a result of the need to expand the surfwear range of surfing clothing brands such as Billabong, Quicksilver and Lizzard, which had previously been introduced into the Sneakers Stores, into it's own concept store. This store in turn would see the introduction of outdoor and adventure wear apparel brands alongside the surfwear.



This project was completed pretty quickly in order to make the tender deadlines, fortunately this store was to carry ranges of clothing that were already being carried in the existing sneakers stores. Luckly I had many of the 3D models and textures from previous Sneakers projects. Dave Moss, the owner of Sneakers also decided late in production of the images that he wanted a sculptural looking elephant head feature incorporated into the rock wall. I found a couple of decent elephant pictures off some of the sites that feature elephant pictures but realised that I would not have time to model an Elephant head in the time remaining so I sourced an existing model and plonked it on the wall. I did not even have time to change or tweak the colours of it before commencing final rendering in order to get the images printed for the tender documents.



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