Welcome to Virtual Showrooms.... Please pardon the state of flux

Finally the long awaited rebuild of the site is under way, its being done with the website live so this website is going to be in a state of flux for a while as new parts of it come on stream.

There may be parts of the site that are currently not displaying 100% correctly across all browsers but any such issues will be resolved in due course.

The rebuild of the site is being done live because due to work on clients projects it is not feasible to allocate enough time to rebuilding the new site offline and only uploading the new site once it is complete. Bottom line is that the previous version of the site had been online for many years, had been seriously neglected, was getting so long in the tooth and was not accurately reflecting the power of the content management system nor was it current with design trends in website design.

Instead the site will evolve as new modules will be implimented as part of a ongoing process as circumstances permit. Call it evolution.  Think of its current state as growing pains, it needs lots of work on the design and presentation of the content but true to philosophy, form is going to follow function so for now attention is being applied to development, refinement and implimention of many new and upgraded backend and content handling systems. Following this attention will be turned to tweaking the design or perhaps deciding upon a whole new look for the design.

Also expect loads of new content to be added to the site going forward, including some not so new stuff as we delve into the recesses of our project archive and resurrect some vintage projects including some old 3D animation projects dating as far back to the days of 3D Studio 3 (yes the old Dos version).  

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